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I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist who has worked with young people and adults throughout my 30 year career in education, the NHS and private practice. As an only child, I have been in a privileged position to be able to understand the challenges only child adult’s and parent’s of onlies face.  I  believe the best form of support is from people who have had similar experiences. This website endeavours to enable the sharing of stories and challenges, as well as offer research in the field – by myself and others.

How to contact Bernice       

For journalist or radio programme enquiries email me:

I am hoping that people will want to contact me to share their experiences of being an only child and the form below is for that purpose. Alternatively you may wish me to write a post on a particular subject, which I would be happy to consider. If you would like to submit your experiences  please me fill in the form below. Please note: I have recently had emails from people using and and when I try and reply it gets bounced back. If you do not hear from me within about a week please try again using a different email, or try me on my personal email above.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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