April 2016

Parenting the Parent

I’m 23, and an only. I was searching through the articles as I am curious about my extreme need to be detached from my only parent but could not find anything relating to this in your posts. From my understanding many onlies are super attached to their parents. I am the only child of a single mother. My father had a stroke when I was 2 and I helped care for him from 3 to 6. Then he was moved into a nursing home because my mother couldn’t care for him anymore. Now as a young adult I look back and realize from when I was 15 up to present I am very detached from mom. Almost to the point of annoyance any time she contacts me. I mentioned 15 particularly because when I was 15 my mother and her boyfriend got into a drunken argument that resulted in them fighting and him going to bed. She proceeded to get [...]

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