Are you a parent of an only-child teenager?

by on November 16, 2015

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I wonder if anyone would be willing to help Ameerah Khadaroo with his Doctoral research? I think it is great when people want to research the lives and aspects of only-children, so if you are a parent of an only-child teenager, please read! Bernice

Ameerah Khadaroo  writes: I am a PhD Psychology student at Warwick University and I am currently researching parenting of single-child and two-child families in the UK. This research will help to find out more about how families withonly children differ from those with more than one child during the teenage years. With growing numbers of couples having only one child, this would be important and relevant not just for parents and academics, but for all those who work with children.

I am looking for families with children aged 11-14 to take part by both the adolescent and the parents completing some online questionnaires. At a later date, some of the families who have completed the questionnaires will be invited to be interviewed. Families who are interested in taking part can volunteer to do so.

All responses are anonymous and it should only take around 30 minutes for each respondent to fill in the questionnaires.

Ameerah Khadaroo

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