January 2014

A perspective from the 1950′s. One I relate to!

Bernice: I was very touched when I read this email as much of it  resonates with my experience – The difficulties in concentrating when there are others around, or when the TV is on -a result of also  growing up in a quiet household. The sense of exhaustion I often feel in groups or anywhere where I encounter a lot of people. Talking out loud to myself – I still do and my children make fun of me when they see my lips moving. I have modified this to silent chatter! Fears of ‘making a mistake’ or ‘getting into trouble’ are certainly things I remember vividly as a younger person. Have a read and see if you resonate wit any of this too! Guest: I am an only child born in 1954. I vividly remember starting school at age 5. I can even remember the fabric on a classmate’s dress. [...]

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