Happy New Year 2013!

by on January 2, 2013

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I just wanted to say a big ‘Thankyou’ to all the people who have contributed to this website and sent emails to me. I really appreciate people’s views and the sharing of experience. We have gone from strength to strength over this last year and now feature high on the search engines. Amazingly we  have over 7000 visits a month. That is more than double the 3000 we achieved  in November 2011!

Christmas is not an easy time for us onlies, when people spend so much time with family. It is particularly difficult when we have lost our parents and have few close relations. I always try and remember that true family are those people who we choose to spend our time with, not just those who are our blood relations.

I will be taking the month of January off. However I will still be doing my regular posts- continuing with ”Are Only child adults difficult partners?‘, and a new one: “Divided Loyalties: how ‘splitting’ can cause damage in relationships” and a new article from Anna Sansom on only children.

Don’t forget our other site: OnlyChildAdult  (OCA) where you can read and contribute your now thoughts and ideas about your only child experience now in the present as well as reflecting on the past. This is a useful place to air your experience and have others share theirs and engage and offer help and encouragement.I believe witnessing each others experience is important and gives us continuity in our lives when the people we grew up with are not longer with us.

I enjoy receiving your emails but I will not be able to respond to any until February but please keep sending them in! I do attempt to answer you all eventually!

Happy New year to you all



  • http://www.facebook.com/ClaireAtkins13 Claire Atkins

    I’ve just found your site today. It looks wonderful & I’m looking forward to exploring it.

    I am undertaking a degree in Philosophy & Psychology & my current module on social psychology requires me to design & carry out a research project. I’m thinking along the lines of in the two interviews with only child adults using the phenomenological perspecive to explore the experience of being an only child.

    I’m an only child & only have an only child myself, so it’s an area that’s of great interest to me, particularly as I’ve been doing lots of reading about sibblings & the power relations within families. I’m not really aware of many other only child adults & my child is the only ‘only’ child in a class of 30 children!

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