Finally I find out “it’s not just me!”

by on July 17, 2011

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I came across this site by accident and was astonished and grateful to find that my experiences as an only child are reflected in other people’s lives.

Logically that’s not surprising but in reality I’ve found it to never happen. I’m an only child of 55 whose Mother died just over a month ago, my Father a few years ago, I don’t know when.

I, too, felt that I had been adopted when I was around 8 because I began to realise that life for others in larger families was not quite like mine. All my life I’ve felt that I just didn’t measure up and took a conscious decision to be as unlike my parents as I could be. My Father left and the emotional blackmail started from my Mother which has lasted all my life.

My Mother’s death has finally freed me and her last acts confirmed that she really didn’t like me at all.

I would also like to add that I’ve found other’s find my ability to be alone quite happily very threatening…but I’m not sure why.

I’m the mother of 4 and Grandmother to 11 and I really feel that I created my own life from a very young age and I think I’m lucky that I’ve turned out to have, in the main a reasonable life and family. The one daughter who cannot stand me is very like my Mother…ah well!

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