Being judged for being an only child

by on April 10, 2011

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I used to get really fed up of people assuming I must be spoilt because of being an only child. I did feel it was looked on as a bad thing to be even though it was not my choice to be an only and I actually felt lonely sometimes and wanted a brother or sister (I told my mother this many times and finally gave up asking for one at about the age of 12).

I felt judged negatively for something that was not my fault, but I don’t remember anyone judging my parents for it. I also had my mother say I was such hard work, which made me think I was worse than most children. I have three children and was determined not to have only one child.

A few years ago someone got very offended because she has only one child by choice and I said I was lonely and not very happy being an only child. I was not judging her for her choice but she took it that way. I did not even find out about her being offended and that she had been avoiding me because of this one comment until someone else told me.

Obviously, in my opinion, she totally over-reacted to avoid me, and I was shocked she would take it so badly, as I don’t even remember the conversation so it obviously must have been of little consequence to me at the time. I tend to be pretty straightforward and not always aware if I’ve pushed someone’s buttons and unintentionally offended them! It happened a few years ago and for some reason still bothers me, more than it should.

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