What being an only means to me.

by on April 1, 2011

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Being an only means that you try to do too much because you don’t like asking for help..

I used to ask my father, but I can’t ask my children because then I  become a burden to them as my mother did to me and I  know how soul destroying it is.

Being an only for me, means that I find it really hard to let anyone get close and the fact that I have two failed marriages, which must mean that it is me that is the problem, so I can’t go down that way again.

Being an only means that I get lonely at times, I enjoy working at weekends because that’s when families get together and that’s when I sit by myself.

I view my sons as individuals and knew they must leave home, so I can’t understand the family that gets upset when their children fly the nest.

Being an only gives you the ’if you want something done properly, do it yourself’ mentality – so we do and don’t suffer fools.

Thank you for your site, thanks for listening to my rantings, being an only means I’ve never been able to share problems with anyone, even good friends. I hold back so at least I’ve let a bit out now!

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