On Surviving the Stigma workshop

by on February 1, 2011

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As part of the workshop statements were made which we would like to convey to others about the experience of being an only.

To others:
I would like you to know that being an only child is lonely and scary but when you grow up you have the resources to do something about it. (Janice)

To my father:
I would like my father to know I am not him but I am me, comfortable with my thoughts and feelings and proud of who I am. (Linda)

To my parents:
I want you to know that I am who I am – a separate identifiable person who has his own thoughts and ways of being, who is what he is and is not going to change for you. (David)

To others
Please don’t take any aspect of the relationship for granted or assume – acknowledge ME! (Lesley)

To friends:
I’ll never ask for your attention unless I really need it;
I may ask softly but when I ask, please listen – by God, its important!

To others:
I am very different from you
I cant experience what you have.
There is a whole topic of conversation
that I can never be involved in. (Martha)

To friends
If I sound too stroppy, please forgive me –
talk to me again – lets not fall out.

To my parents:

I wish I’d had more of a childhood where I could be a child and make a mess!

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