I’m not the only one!

by on February 1, 2011

in Workshop experiences

I think it was the first time I had actually sat down with a group of professionals who were only children, and we talked about what it was like. I think what stood out for me, it kept ringing in my head: ‘God I’m not the only one, I’m not the only one who feels this’ and it was a revelation really.

And what happened in the workshop, was that we spent time on our own in different configurations, and then I think we all sat in the middle and said what it was like to be in that position in the family. What I remember was that… when we spoke about how it was, like it was a revelation to the whole group. I remember people saying :‘God it sounds like hell being an only child’ and that really was like the recognition from other people, from other positions, that ours wasn’t a privileged position it was absolutely horrendous.

It was such a self-affirming thing to hear – I’ve never forgotten it really, never forgotten that experience, it was the closeness, it was the possibility of similarity of experience, and confirmation and affirmation from that group, and it was also the recognition by the others, that was so profound. Kate

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