Did you ever long for a sibling?

by on January 31, 2011

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Having skimmed your website several times, I now write to share my situation.

I am now 31 year old Only Child myself, I had a comparatively privileged upbringing (a world of Private Schools, Ponies and all the toys you could every wish for plus a few!!) and always knew I was loved by my parents. My upbringing was not harsh or unhappy, although the rows were plentiful between both my parents themselves and them and myself, in fact I would say I had a great childhood with many happy memories. But I always longed for that sibling

Any thoughts anyone has would be welcomed!………….Anna

  • Lalomoya

    I do agree with you when you say that you had happy memories.  But it is sad that only you can have those memories for you with no one to share with . I feel the same thing as you feel.

    I am a 40 yrs old only child,  now my mom is aging  and I have nobody to share my burden with. I feel bad about this and I am trying to find that friendship/brotherhood with someone that has the same experience.

    Nobody can “fill” the gap that a brother/sister leaves. Friends are  just a relationship that can end anytime ,there is no compromise. But brothers are always at hand. I miss that very much.

  • Em

    Hi Anna, 
    I have had the similar upbringing and similar experiences but on the other side of the world. I was lucky to share some childhood experiences with my cousin who is also an only child but my family and I moved to a different country when I was ten years old. I was never one of those kids that didn’t want to share and always shared whatever I could afford with family and friends.Now I am at a similar age as yourself and finding it harder to catch up with my friends as the years go on. My friends all have different priorities – children, pregnancy, husband/boyfriend/partner, renovations and their siblings. It is also getting harder to make friends even when I was studying post-graduate course at university, most of the other students were older and had many priorities. Even when I was at a simple dog training with other dog owners, they had different priorities. Everyone my age appears to be extremely busy with their children, pregnancy, husband/boyfriend/partner, renovations and their siblings. To make things worse, my partner works away a month at a time, and I recently moved into his house which is an hour drive from my parents. I am beginning to wonder that maybe it’s my Asian physical appearance with a western upbringing that is hard to make friends with other Asians and also westerners; However, I should not think negatively and get so down in the dumps. I should keep joining different social groups to make friends. A few months ago, I saw on a television program that an adult person can adopt a parent and a senior person can adopt an adult child. I wonder if I can adopt a sister…that would be wonderful to be able to share again :)


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