A positive experience but can we laugh at ourselves?

by on November 17, 2010

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I found your website purely by chance. I’m having a difficult time in my career right now and did a Google search on “suitable careers for an only child.” I didn’t find a suitable career, but read with great relish some of the narratives on your website.

My life has been rich and interesting. I was born to a female only child, who married my father, the eldest son with a younger sister. I was their product, and the product of my dad’s second marriage. He had a daughter from his first marriage, another only child (who went on to marry an only child!), who I no longer see since my father’s death.

I have fond memories of my childhood. We were very hard up when I was growing up, so while I had lots of love and affection I had very little materialistically. I had an imagination and my dad had a shed full of wood offcuts so I had lots of home made toys – how lucky!

I had lots of friends at school and again through university, but as they married, settled or created their own families they felt they had little in common with me.

Work has been rich too. I commenced a first degree in sociology, but left after a couple of years due to the death of my father – the only man I guess I will truly love. Ten years ago I decided to train to be a nurse and am now a professional specialist nurse. I am having a few issues in my current role, mainly due to other’s perceptions of me. I am fun loving, but also serious when I need to be. I am also zero tolerant to those who ridicule me, or who make personal remarks against me. This is a theme that I noticed seems to recur frequently in the narratives on your site, that we onlies lack the ability to laugh at ourselves, as those with siblings can.

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