Being an only isn’t a terrible thing- but helps to explain what makes “me”

by on October 18, 2010

in Stories

I just found your website and have to be honest, I am amazed, I never realised other people found it so bad. I must admit that I haven’t found it so good myself, to the extent that I quite deliberately had two children close together.
Part of me feels as though I am incredibly special and the other part knows I have no major talents, and am just like everyone else.

Power struggles whilst growing up with my mother. Feeling like my parents didn’t really see “me” but wanted to sculpt me into whatever I should have been. Being over sensitive when people are just difficult and trying over and over to get them to like me, clearly its all my fault. Feeling alone. Feeling misunderstood.

Not seeming to understand societies rules, and so always feeling as though I am slow in some capacity!

I cant stress enough that I really don’t think being an only is a terrible thing, but it does go someway to explaining what makes me “me”.

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