The other side of the story- thankyou!

by on September 22, 2010

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Thank you very much for showing the other side of the story! All I can find here in the USA are websites and articles telling how wonderful it is to be an only, how it doesn’t make a difference and may be an advantage etc. I am past 50 yrs old, an only child. I have always hated it, and ashamed of it, to this day I tell people I have a sister. Talk about stereotypes…spoiled, overprotected, selfish. I am all of that. My parents were so afraid I’d get hurt, I never learned any sports, never even learned to ride a bicycle or drive a car. I can’t cook, can barely boil water.

My parents also had the idea they were better than everyone else, and had no friends; as a result, I had a big problem making friends. I have never had a boyfriend, never a date. I have no friends. The shame is, I was very intelligent as a child…if I had some encouragement to find my own way, not so sheltered, who knows what I might have accomplished?

Let’s face it, you have to get along with people to get anywhere in life. How true, not special but different!

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