I was happy to be an only but now I’m older…

by on September 22, 2010

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I am 22 years old and my mum is 62 she was nearly 40 when she had me and my dad left us shortly after which is the obvious reason why my mum never had anymore children.

When I was younger I was happy enough to be an ‘only’ child I never really thought ‘Oh I wish I had a sister or brother’ but now as I have got older my views have changed. I now wish with all my heart that I had a sister or a brother.

All I have in the world is my mother and I am all she has. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on me. Dont get me wrong I love my mum to bits – maybe too much… I worry constantly because she’s older than most of my friends mums.

I worry about loosing her and being alone and obviously because I have no siblings I would have no one if anything were to happen to her. As I am her only child I obviously get a lot of attention which may sound great to some people but its very suffocating. She often reminds me that she old and that she wants to spend all the time that she can with me. This leaves me feeling guilty when I go out with my friends or on holiday without her. It’s got to the point where I cannot do anything without her approval, otherwise If I dont I will feel guilty and could end up upsetting her.

My advice to anyone thinking about having children is to NOT have only one child because the pressures of an only child are a lot. I know.

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