March 2006

The seven ages of an only child

What’s it like to spend a lifetime without brothers and sisters? by Joanna Moorhead The Guardian, Saturday 4 March 2006 Alex Healey, 10 When my mum’s friend had a baby it made me think about being an only child for the first time. I thought, would I like brothers and sisters? But to be honest, my friend’s sister looked quite a hassle – he was always having to watch her. I thought, I’m better off on my own – especially as brothers and sisters seem to fight a lot, that’s something I’ve noticed. There are other good things, too. I get my privacy, and I like that: some of my friends have to share a bedroom and I know that will never happen to me. And there’s no one to mess my stuff up, either. Plus I get time on my own with Mum and Dad, and that’s special. One [...]

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