October 2004

What I need as an only

Poem from the workshop: – October 23rd 2004 Daddy I needed you to help me grow up become more balanced, less worried, less temperamental, less emotionally needy I know you are pleased with what I am more than my mother but you still expect me to watch over you Mummy, I needed you to be less possessive less doting you wanted me to be your shadow your re-incarnation your chance to have another life to compensate for your failed one Now I am so messed up I don’t know how to move on I want to have what most people have emotionally let me go let me be free I will still love you much, too much If only I had not been a good girl If only I had not been so obedient Some day I’ll understand why it has been so difficult to keep afloat Bookmark on Delicious [...]

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